by Marty Koitz

(the REALTOR® guy)


I Love Kings Point
By Martin
March 13, 2011

I thought moving full time to Kings Point, unlocking our property values, and working on my golf game would be a nice easy life.  Never could I have been more wrong!  The unusual nuances, the personalities, the players, the various companies involved at Kings Point, and the cohesiveness were simply not envisioned when I started this project.

From a property value point of view, we are making progress.  In order to fix anything, one must understand the problem - here it runs very deep, and has been around for a very long time.  A good on site realty office runs similar to a market maker on Wall Street - bringing together a buyer and seller in an open and competitive bid process.  This has been broken and is being fixed. is moving on-site into our realty office and partnering with Continental Realty, in order to modernize, update, and properly promote Kings Point.  In addition to the advertising funds from, Continental is also stepping to the plate to help advertise. This is very important, and I do thank the CEO Tim O’Keefe for his commitment.  With our new management team, buyers and sellers can expect great friendly service, the ease of viewing properties here at Kings Point, and hopefully as a result they will join our wonderful Kings Point family.

We will also be sending an email inviting over 20,000 agents in the realty community to view our own virtual tour, which I assume everyone has seen by now and is sharing with relatives outside the area. Google search advertising is greatly expanding, as we not only have generated a lot of business and interest, we have been steadily moving up in search results.  How you ever Googled your own name? Simply amazing, a lot of fun.

You noticed our two page color center spread in last month’s issue, again that is’s attempt to better the image and reputation of Kings Point. This is still a giant marketing effort.

We have brought to the attention of area associations, property managers and governors the need to quickly reduce down the application process for buyers and renters. Some Association document requirements are 27 pages long, and need to be submitted in triplicate - 81 pages in all. WE CAN DO BETTER. One of the larger realty firms has just gone paperless - congratulations to Keller Williams. Maybe we can learn from their progress and head in the same direction.

We are getting many more snowbirds looking and wanting to take the plunge - buy now and come on back next year to your own condo, your timing couldn’t be better.

We need to unite, we all live in Kings Point (similar to WE ALL LIVE ON A YELLOW SUBMARINE--sing it), not Icaville, KPCAville, Saxonyville, but Kings Point.  Possibly  uniting or streamlining condo docs will help move our community into the next generation. Let’s work together.

I believe the past 5 months of hard work is starting to pay off, a base is building, and a phoenix is rising. 

Thanks to all those who keep pushing me to fight the fight and do what is right for Kings Point. All of my motives are based on my true belief Kings Point is a wonderful, unique community. Our prices are so low they represent a tremendous bargain right now, and we have much better days ahead.

To Frank Iovine, our chairman of the Board of governors, special thanks not just in supporting me and pressing me, but the hard work you consistently do on behalf of Kings Point. 

Enjoy the sun and fun at Kings Point.