by Marty Koitz

(the REALTOR® guy)


I Love Kings Point
By Martin
April 17, 2013

Since writing the I Love Kings Point column, much needed change and attitude has taken over at Kings Point.  My crusade to make a wrong a right (reviving our realty community) is very much paying off for our community.  As our population starts to thin, I certainly hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful season, it sure beat the heck out of the weather up North this year.

I have seen an uptick in real estate action here at Kings Point. The quick decision of buyers to purchase is very encouraging.  I also think that the website is really taking hold on the net, as it is not uncommon to get calls from people flying in to purchase.

Also, with the outreach happening to our neighboring realty community, I am glad that more agents are participating in showing property here at Kings  Point--one reason is our prices are so low, we are the best value  in South Florida. As more agents are involved and sales increase, so too will our property values.

If you are a snowbird on the fence about purchasing, this could be your last opportunity at these prices, I am confident stronger pricing is coming.  Also, interestingly enough, our luxury units are selling well, which means there is demand coming into Kings Point, and there are buyers for our more expensive units; again, a very good sign.

At Kings Point, I think this column has generated a lot of enthusiasm and supporters, and given our residents something to inspire them and be proud of.  My website ( has been a place for many of you to voice your opinions, get an ear, and certainly a friendly fun site to see the changes at Kings Point.

This is good, more people are getting into the process of speaking up and getting involved.  

Change is hard. To the Governors and directors: your privileged power is something which should be used for the benefit of all, as Kings Point is getting younger, and some of the existing rules in place for many, many years need to be revisited.  It is imperative to bring Kings Point along for the next generation; they are a generation who want to enjoy our great amenities with their kids and grandkids, they want to enjoy the inside of the clubhouses, they want to have their guests visit and enjoy, and they especially want more young people to call Kings Point home.

I urge all governors, directors and management companies to be more transparent, be more resident friendly, and do a better job of informing where various meetings take place.  I also encourage more dialog--not personal attacks, but discussion on how to make Kings Point a better place to live.

This is a community, which needs good community driven leadership--we can do this.  We can come together, and we certainly need each other to make Kings Point a better place.

To all the leaving snowbirds, I wish you well and good travels.  For those just purchasing, you made a very wise choice, I don’t think you will ever see prices this low again.   

Change is happening at Kings Point, great times are ahead.

Marty Koitz