by Marty Koitz

(the REALTOR® guy)


I Love Kings Point
By Martin
January 30, 2011

Kings Point resident says our properties are too undervalued and will do something about it.  This is my slogan, and I am sticking with it. Martin Koitz, a Flanders resident, continues beating down doors to understand and make suggestions as to how best to market and merchandise to move Kings Point into the next generation.

Many of you already have seen the virtual tour, which spotlights our beautiful and plentiful amenities.  The response from those of who have seen it has been FANTASTIC, and your compliments are graciously accepted. However, this is not about me, it is about our community.  Please share this tour with your friends, relatives, anyone in the realty business.

As a real estate professional, I see many issues which would not be seen or understood by our fellow residents.  These issues are significant and challenging.  We must bring in the realty community from Boynton, Delray, Boca all the way to Fort Lauderdale.  We must have a comprehensive marketing plan to implement (December’s issue), and the drive and fortitude to stick with it. Change is not easy.

My wife and I just did a study on another lifestyle community, as their property values are significantly higher (per square foot), yet we feel our amenities are superior. 

Our property values turn out to be a marketing and merchandising effort, which is our background at  We need agents willing to show and promote Kings Point. 

We also need agents wanting to advertise.  An example:  This week we are running ads in Boston, NY, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, and Montreal.

Now imagine if 10 other agents started running their own ads.  

We also have hired a consultant out of San Francisco to help us with our SEO (Search engine optimization) as this will drive traffic to and promote our entire community. 

We are talking about linking our site with that of Vesta, again all to grow and develop Kings Point.  We also need the community to come together.  I tell everyone I live in Kings Point, I don’t live in ICA-VILLE, KPCA-VILLE, Saxony, Tuscony, Valencia, etc.--I/we live in Kings Points (try it).

We are also looking into creating a chat room, for Kings Pointers, by Kings Pointers.  Nothing to do with real estate, but a way for everyone to come together and enjoy this wonderful property.  Anyone who wants to help, we welcome your input.

If you would like a viewing of our virtual tour, please drop me an email at  We need your help.  Please enjoy the tour, share it with friends up North, and pass it around.  This is our community, be proud of it.

I want to also give thanks to the management for allowing this very valuable marketing tour to be made, and to our Chairman of Board of Governors, who always urges me on.  This is a big place, and a big marketing effort is needed to turn Kings Point around. We are starting to make our turn.  You can help, share the tour, and promote Kings Point.

All the best.

Marty & Lisa Koitz                                                                                   

February 2011                                                                                                    


I Love Kings Point!
By Martin
January 30, 2011

Kings Point resident says our properties are too undervalued and will do something about it. Martin Koitz, a Flanders resident, recently moved full time from New New Jersey to study and use his marketing and merchandising skills to get the word out on Kings Point.

1. I am so serious about Kings Point, I moved here permanently, got my Florida Real Estate license, and have studied our problem extensively.  Many people have seen my caps on residents or my embroidered shirts, as this is a step in the right direction.  Most people feel Kings Point is a hidden secret, our amenities are very well run, plentiful, clean, and enormous—the caps are a way to boast to our friends what we have.  Frankly, I wish I had a 1000 caps made, as everyone is asking for one.

2.  I believe we have a perception problem within the local real estate community which needs to be addressed quickly.  Presently, most realtors will not come into Kings Point, as there is a lack of cooperation and communication.  There was a time when realtors could not walk prospective clients thru our wonderful club houses and facilities-this is ridiculous.  What are we selling, our units or our life style. This rule is gone.

3. We just completed a virtual tour of our common recreation areas which hopefully we will see in another week. This tour will not only be available on my website, it will be available to all.  I especially want to invite in all local brokers and agents with use of the tour to see that Kings Point is one great undervalued propertly, and now is the time to buy.

4.  Working closely with senior managment of the Continental group we are discussing basic changes which will allow better access and information to the outside realty community.

5.  We at (please visit) started our advertising in select journals in Philadelphia, New York, North Jersey, Boston and Montreal.  Our plan is to attract new blood as well as to promote the entire Kings Point community. 

6.  We are seeing a trend toward a lower average age group, and this is good, as this group will be moving Kings Point forward during the next 10-15 years.

7.  It is imperative to move all the lowest priced properties into investors' or owne'rs hands, get them rehabbed, and start producing revenue for their associations.  Once this group of units are off the market, all values will start to rise.

8.  I am truly amazed at how much time and effort is put in by all the directors, governors and our population to make Kings Point an even better place to live.  Although we don’t always see eye to eye, this is healthy, and I think Kings Point has only one way to go—up.  I also believe the current economic downturn plays right into our hands, as I feel we will be able to get buyers normally heading to other communities to Kings Point—due to our wonderful amenities and our low prices.

Marty Koitz                                                                                                       Flanders N                                                                                                 December 2010